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Pineapple/nut passover sponge cake

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Ingredients Needed For Pineapple/nut passover sponge cake
*3/4 cup potato starch
*1/4 cup Cake meal
*1/2 tsp Ea. ginger & nutmeg
*1/4 tsp salt
*10 large eggs (use 4 yolks-10 whites)
*2/3 cup Superfine white sugar
*1 1/2 tsp Ea. minced lemon and orange
*zest from navel orange.
*3 tbsp Frozen pineapple concentr.
*1/2 cup blanched almonds
*1 tbsp 10x Sugar

Directions To Prepare Pineapple/nut passover sponge cake
#Preheat oven to 325°F.<BR>
#Line the bottom of a 9" tube pan with a doughnut shaped piece of wax paper, notching around the cun center circle every inch.<BR>
#Do not grease pan.<BR>
#Sift first 4 ingreds.<BR>
#Into a bowl.<BR>
#Set aside.<BR>
#Separate eggs, droping 4 yolks into one mixing machine bowl and 10 whites into another.<BR>
#Using whisk attachment, beat egg whites on med.hi speed until foamy.<BR>
#Turn speed up to high.<BR>
#Sprinkle in half the Sugar and beat until stiff and glossy.<BR>
#Set bowl with yolks on machine.<BR>
#Beat until light.<BR>
#Sprinkle in remaining Sugar, zests and concentrate.<BR>
#Beat on high speed until well blended.<BR>
#Using a wooden spoon, stir abt.<BR>
#A ½ c. of beaten whites into yolks.<BR>
#Then pour all of yolk mixture over beaten egg whites.<BR>
#Fold in by hand in 12 sweeping strokes.<BR>
#Sift dry ingreds.<BR>
#Again over all and continue folding for another 12 strokes.<BR>
#Sprinkle and fold in nuts (another 12 strokes would suffice).<BR>
#Spoon into prepared pan, smoothing out top.<BR>
#Run a blunt knife around sides to dispel any air bubbles.<BR>
#Bake in center section of oven for 55 min. top should be lightly browned and toothpick, when inserted, should come out clean.<BR>
#Remove from oven and invert tube onto a 3-cup mason jar with a 1 ½" neck, or any convenient holder that will fit the tube.<BR>
#Cool for 1 ½ hrs.<BR>
#Gently unmold.<BR>
#Peel off wax paper.<BR>
#When completely cooled, fift confectioner"s Sugar over.<BR>
#Cut with sharp serrated knife, or pull apart servings with fork.

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