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Pinakbet is a vegetarian dish known throughout the Philippines. The main ingredient in this dish is ampalaya also known as "bitter melon". The spice named bagoong (Pork and Shrimp paste) adds a unique flavor.


Ingredients Needed For Pinakbet
*kalabasa (Squash), cut into chunks
*okra (lady fingers)
*talong (long Eggplant), sliced 1/2" thick
*sitaw (string beans), cut into 2" strips
*ampalaya (bitter melon), cut into small pieces
*Pork with fat, thinly sliced
*finely chopped garlic
*sliced onions
*bagoong alamang (Shrimp paste)
*cooking oil

Directions To Prepare Pinakbet
In a big kawali (wok) or an earthen ware pot, sauté garlic and Onion in oil. Then add the Pork and cook until the Pork turns light brown in color and is tender. Add the Squash first and stir. Then add the other vegetables. Cover the pot or wok and let it simmer in low heat until vegetables are soft and tender. Take the lid off and add the Shrimp paste. Be sure not to add a lot. You don't want it to be salty. The taste of each vegetable should still be intact. Stir until liquid is nearly gone. Serve hot.

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