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This salad uses various fresh fruits and vegetables, including many uncommon ingredients from Shrimp paste to ginger. It's rich in flavours, smell, textures and colors - a dish that truly represent what tropical Southeast Asia has to offer! Note: Comes from the word Indonesian word rujak which means a mixture.


Ingredients Needed For Rojak
*bean sprouts - blanched
*kangkong - blanched
*Deep fried bean curd
*Chinese fried bread
*yam bean (jicama)
*Torch ginger bud - fine shreds.

Other optional ingredients:

*Jumbu (rose apple)

Ingredients for sauce:

*Peanut - roasted and ground
*tamarind juice
*Chillie - ground
*Shrimp paste

Directions To Prepare Rojak
To prepare the sauce, mix Shrimp paste with Sugar, chillie and tamarind juice till smooth. Add ground peanuts just before serving.

Cut the ingredients into small pieces, prepare the sauce and mix in just before serving.

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