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= A Horseshoe is a specialty of Springfield, IL and is made in many local restraunts. This is a summary of what I have eaten.

Ingredients Needed For HorseShoe
*Per individual serving
*2 pieces of toast
*2 servings of meat (Ham, Pork, Chicken, etc)
*6? ounces of potatoes
*3? ounces melted Cheese sauce

Directions To Prepare HorseShoe
On a plate, place two pieces of toast.

On the toast, place the meat cooked as desired.

On the meat, place the potatoes cooked as desired.

On the potatoes, cover with Cheese sauce.

For a Pony Shoe, use 1/2 the ingredients.

For a Breakfast Horseshoe,

Use a breakfast meat (Sausage, Bacon, Ham),

Add 2 eggs cooked flat as desired,

Optional substitute gravy for Cheese sauce.


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