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Ingredients Needed For ANGÚ
*2 cups fine Cornmeal (stone ground)
*5 cups water
*1 cube Beef Bouillon
*2 tbs Oil

Directions To Prepare ANGÚ
*Whisk together Cornmeal and 1 cup cool tap water. Set aside.
*Bring 4 cups of water to full boil in a Saucepan, add Oil and Beef Bouillon.
*Pour the Cornmeal batter into boiling water and stir until thickened, about 50 minutes.
*Stir with a wood spoon. If you stop stirring the Angu create hot bubble splashes that can burn you.
*Cook less time if you’d like a past consistency Angu and serve hot.
*If you’d like a shaped angu, cook the whole 50 minutes and pour in a bundt or fluted tube pan.
*Wait angu to cool before releasing in a serving plate.

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