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The name of this dish translates to "Hunting Platter". However, it has very little to do with game in its current form. This is a warm dish that can be served for lunch, or as a late afternoon snack before a late dinner.

Ingredients Needed For Jachtschotel
*6 - 8 cold boiled potatoes
*200gr of any meat leftovers
*1 Onion
*2 grated Apples
*some diluted meat drippings
*butter, pepper and ground cloves for seasoning

Directions To Prepare Jachtschotel
Slice the potatoes in thin slices, cube the meat and chop the Onion. Brown the Onion in the butter. In an ovenproof dish, layer the potatoes, meat and Onion and grated Apples. Season the layer of meat with some pepper and ground cloves, and pour some diluted meat drippings over each layer.

Make sure the final layer is potatoes, top with some breadcrumbs and butter.

Place the dish in a warm oven and leave until it has a golden brown crust.

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