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These Swallow's Nests are a traditional dish that originally served to enhance the festive Easter lunch table.

Ingredients Needed For Zwaluwnestjes
*4 hard boiled eggs
*4 thin slices of Veal, as large as possible
*4 large slices of raw Ham
*pepper and salt

Directions To Prepare Zwaluwnestjes
Peel the eggs and wrap them in the Ham so that they are completely covered. Rub salt and pepper on the Veal slices and wrap hem around the wrapped eggs, so that the Ham is completely covered.

Heat the butter and fry the rolls until they are brown, in about 1/2 an hour on a medium heat.

Cut the packages so that the eggs are cut across and place them on a dish covered with lettuce leaves.

Serve with fried potatoes.

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