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Beastie Potato Soup

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The Potato soup I used to make with Meagan, Donvan, & Chalyse

Ingredients Needed For Beastie Potato Soup
6 med-Large Peeled n Quartered Potatoes
8 Cups Chicken Broth
1 Pound Bacon Sliced & Diced
4 Large Diced White Onions
3 Stalks Celery
3 tbs Marjoram
3 tbs Basil
1 package Cream Cheese
1 Cup Cream Cheese
2 Large Leeks
3 tbs Diced garlic

Directions To Prepare Beastie Potato Soup
Combine onions, celery, bacon, garlic in large soup pan on med-high for 6 minutes. Do not burn the onions but they should be soft and deep brown. Add broth potatoes and leeks and bring to a boil. Add remaining spices and simmer for 20 minutes stirring every few minutes. Use a hand blender and blend until semi smooth according to your taste in the pan or transfer to a blender in batches. Put back in pan and add fold in sour cream & cream cheese until entirely blended. Add salt & pepper to taste. Serve with a small dallop of sour cream in the middle and some croutons and fresh pepper.

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