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Quick Bean Stew

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6 servings

Quick Bean Stew

Ingredients Needed For Quick Bean Stew
* 2 cans of Cannellini (white) Beans
*3-4 tablespoons of corn oil
*2 cups of fresh tomatoes, chopped or a tin of canned tomatoes
*5 shallots, sliced (or sliced onions)
*2 cloves of garlic, chopped
*Some parsley
*Half a kilo (1lb) of spicy Sausage, either smoked or cooked (chorizo or kabanos will do)

Directions To Prepare Quick Bean Stew
Heat the oil in a pan. Add the chopped vegetables and sauté until tender. Take a pot, empty the Beans together with the vegetables into it, put the sausages inside and cook for a further 20 minutes on a low heat. Or, put it in an oven and bake it at a temperature of 180ºC/350ºF for 30 minutes. This dish is even better reheated the next day.

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