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Vipava soup

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Vipava soup
Ingredients Needed For Vipava soup
*15 oz Beans
*21 oz sauerkraut
*1 lb salt Pork
*1 lb potatoes
*1/2 cup fat
*1 Tbs flour (heaping)
*1 Onion
*3 bay leaves
*3 garlic cloves
*peppercorns, to taste
*5 Tbs sour cream

Directions To Prepare Vipava soup
Soak the Beans overnight. Cut the sauerkraut into strips. Cook the meat, potatoes, Beans and sauerkraut separately. When the meat is cooked, bone it and cut into cubes. Dice the potatoes. Crush the Beans. Make a roux with the fat, flour and Onion. Put meat and vegetables into a pot add the roux and the bay leaves. Cover with the stock; cook 5 minutes longer. Before serving, add the sour cream.

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