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Stuffed Cabbage

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6 servings

Stuffed Cabbage

Ingredients Needed For Stuffed Cabbage
*2 heads pickled cabbage
*1 lb. ground Beef
*1 lb. smoked Ham, chopped
*1/4 c. smoked Bacon, chopped
*2. tbsp. flour
*1 c. uncooked rice
*2 tsp. paprika
*1 Onion, chopped
*1 egg
*2 tbsp. oil
*1 lb. smoked Ham hocks or Pork ribs
*salt and pepper to taste

Directions To Prepare Stuffed Cabbage
Fry Bacon in its own fat. Add Onion and saute five minutes. Remove from heat and drain excess fat. Allow to cool slightly, combine with ground Beef, chopped Ham, rice, egg, 1 teaspoon paprika, salt and pepper, remove large outer leaves of the cabbage, place filling in each leaf and roll up from center to outer edge. Tuck sides into center to hold roll together.
Cut remaining cabbage into strips. Add another half pound of sauerkraut, if desired. Place half the sauerkraut in the bottom of a large pot. Arrange cabbage rolls over sauerkraut. Add smoked ribs or Ham hocks. Cover with remaining sauerkraut. Heat oil and brown flour in it. Add a teaspoon of paprika and water to make a thick roux. Cook for 5 minutes. Pour roux over cabbage rolls. Add water to cover cabbage and simmer over low heat for 1/2 to 2 hours until rice is fully cooked. Do not stir cabbage rolls while cooking. Instead, shake pot occasionally to prevent sticking. Transfer to warm serving dish.

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