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Greek salad (2) (Horiatiki salata)

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This is a recipe by a famous greek chef, Elias Mamalakis, who is now days very popular to the greek public not only for his recipes but also for his spirit. Elias Mamalakis the last years is presenting his ideas for nice, easy and quick recipes on the Greek TV.

Greek salad (2) (Horiatiki salata)

Ingredients Needed For Greek salad (2) (Horiatiki salata)
* tomatoes, peeled and sliced
* 1 cucumber, washed and cut in thin slices. Do not peel the cucumber!
* 1 green pepper, cut finely in thin stripes
*1 large Onion, finely sliced
* At least 100 gr hard feta Cheese, from the barrel
* Black Kalamata olives
* Capper
* parsley
* oregano
* Thick salt
* Extra virgin olive oil
* A good vinegar

Directions To Prepare Greek salad (2) (Horiatiki salata)
Place all ingredients on a salad bowl, salt them, pour vinegar, oil and mix very very well.

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