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Sambousik lahme

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meat Pastries

Ingredients Needed For Sambousik lahme
* 5 cups all purpose plain flour
* 1 ½ cups lukewarm water
* 2 tbsp salt
* 2 tbsp Sugar
* vegetable oil for deep frying
* 1 cup oil

Meat Filling :
* 10 oz ground meat
* 1 tbsp shortening or butter
* ¼ cup fried pine nuts
* a dash of ground allspice
* ¼ tspn salt

Directions To Prepare Sambousik lahme
Prepare [ Basic Dough] .
Cover and leave aside for 1 hour.
meat filling: Fry meat in shortening, add salt, spices and pine nuts. Stir over medium heat for 1 minute. Put aside.
Divide dough into walnut-size balls. Roll out to form circles (8 cm diameter).
Fill circles with meat. following this way: Put filling on one side of circle.
Fold over one end to make semi-circles.
Press edges with fingers.
Fry in 1 cup of vegetable oil over medium heat. Brown both sides.
Serve hot.

Note: You can add ¼ cup of chopped Onion to meat filling.

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