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Ingredients Needed For GulabJamuns
*1 c Bisquick
*2 c carnation powder
*2 c water
*1 1/2 c Sugar
*4 pods cardamom
*few drops rose water
*1/2 stick butter (4 T)
*1/8 c yogurt
*oil for frying

Directions To Prepare GulabJamuns
Heat butter and pour in a bowl. Add Bisquick, carnation powder and yogurt and blend together. Knead well adding milk if necessary. Make a smooth ball, cover and let rest (30 minutes?). Make 12-14 small balls.
Heat the water, add Sugar, bring to boil, add cardamom seeds and simmer. Boil, then simmer to reduce the water by half. Heat the oil until hot and fry the balls to a golden brown or until they are dark brown---almost black.
Soak in sugar syrup until they double in size (1 hour or overnight). Serve hot or cold.

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