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Ingredients Needed For Pyttipanna
*1 lb raw potatoes or boiled potatoes
*1 lb onions, finely chopped
*1 lb boiled meat or roasted meat
*salt, pepper
*1 tablespoon dry mustard
*chopped parsley
*4 eggs
*pickled beets
*grated horseradish
* sauce
*pickled cucumber

Directions To Prepare Pyttipanna
*Cut the peeled potatoes and the meat into 1/4-inch cubes.
*Mix the meat cubes with the dry mustard.
*Fry the meat, potatoes and onions separately in a skillet.
*Fry the eggs in another skillet.
*Mix the meat, potatoes and onions and heat them in the skillet.
*Add salt and pepper to taste.
*Garnish with the parsley and the eggs.
*Serve with the accessories.

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