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Stenciled holiday wrap

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Ingredients Needed For Stenciled holiday wrap
*1 Potato
* Tempura OR Poster Paints
* Brown Paper, Craft Paper
* -Shelf Paper Untreated
* -Wallpaper OR Parchment
* -Paper

Directions To Prepare Stenciled holiday wrap
1 Cut Potato in half lengthwise or crosswise.
2 Using desired shape of cookie cutter, cut into cut surface of Potato about ΒΌ" deep.
3 With small sharp knife, cut Potato away from edge of design to edge of Potato; remove cookie cutter.
4 If desired, repeat with other Potato half for additional design.
5 Pour paint into shallow dish.
6 Dip the stencil in the paint; blot once on paper towel, then print on papper.
7 Continue until surface of paper is painted with design.
8 "children will feel proud to give gifts wrapped in paper they have desired themselves.
9 Be sure to look for paints that are washable." i have not tried this.
10 It comes from my pillsbury "holiday" cookbook, classic #14Marilyn sultar

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