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Peruvian Potato Salad II

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Peruvian Potato Salad II
Ingredients Needed For Peruvian Potato Salad II
*2 lb Medium new potatoes
*3 x eggs, hard-cooked
*2 ct cottage cheese
*8 oz each
*1/4 TSP red pepper
* Tabasco
*1/8 TSP pepper
*1 1/2 TSP Seasoned salt
*1 TSP salt
*2 tbl Heavy cream
*1/3 cup Olive oil
*1/4 cup Onion, minced
*1/4 cup Parsley, snipped
* lettuce leaves
*8 x ripe olives
* Few sprigs Parsley

Directions To Prepare Peruvian Potato Salad II
*Drain peel, then cut into slivers; cool, refrigerate.
*Shell eggs; cut in half, then remove yolks, chop whites and set aside.
* Mash egg yolks, then add cottage cheese, red pepper, Tabasco, pepper, seasoned salt, salt, and cream.
*Beat until smooth.
*Gradually add olive oil while continuing to beat, blend in Onion and Parsley.
*Arrange lettuce leaves; heap Potato slices in center; spread with Cheese Salad dressing, covering potatoes completely.
*Garnish with chopped egg whites, olives, and Parsley sprigs.

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