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Spice Cookies Recipe 2

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Ingredients Needed For Spice Cookies Recipe 2
*½ cup molasses
*2 cups flour
*¼ cup Sugar
*½ teaspoon soda
*1½ tablespoons butter
*½ teaspoon salt
*1½ tablespoons lard
*½ teaspoon clove
*1 tablespoon milk
*½ teaspoon cinnamon
*½ teaspoon nutmeg

Directions To Prepare Spice Cookies Recipe 2
To prepare this Spice Cookies Recipe 2, first heat molasses to boiling-point. Add Sugar, shortening, and milk. Mix and sift dry ingredients, and add to first mixture. Chill thoroughly. Toss one-fourth of mixture on a floured board and roll as thinly as possible; shape with a small round cutter, first dipped in flour. Place near together on a buttered sheet and bake in a moderate oven. Gather up the trimmings and roll with another portion of dough. During rolling, the bowl containing mixture should be kept in a cool place, or it will be necessary to add more flour to dough, which makes cookies hard rather than crisp and short.

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