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Corned beef dinner

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Ingredients Needed For Corned beef dinner
* 4 lbs corned-Beef round, *
* water
* 6 onions
* 6 carrots
* 6 parsnips
* 3 poatatoes, 4 oz each
* 6 cup cabbage

Directions To Prepare Corned beef dinner
Cover meat with cold water in dutch oven; bring to a boil; drain. Add water to cover; again bring to boil; reduce heat to low. Cover. Cook as until meat is nearly tender (about 3 hours). Skimming off as much fat as possible from cooking water; (if you remove meat from broth and refrigerate-or put in freezer, if time short-fat will harden and remove easily 10-15). Add vegetables; cook until vegetables from water; drain and trim from meat. (about 10-15 minutes). Remove vegetables from water; drain and trim fat from meat. Food exchange per serving: 1 starch/bread exchange + 2 vegetables exchanges + 3 lean meats exchanges cal: 300

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