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Ingredients Needed For Faworki
*250g plain flour
*1 tbs icing sugar
*25g butter
*1 egg
*2 egg yolks
*1 tbs sour cream
*1 tbs vinegar
*butter or oil for deep frying
*icing sugar for dredging

Directions To Prepare Faworki
Mix all but the last two of the above ingredients together in a large bowl to form a dough. Roll out as thinly as possible. Cut into narrow strips and make a slit down the middle of each one. Push one end through the slit and pull gently so that you have a twist in the middle. Do this to all of the strips. Heat enough butter or oil in a pan for deep frying. Fry the pastry twists until golden on both sides. Drain on kitchen paper. Pile on plate and dredge with icing sugar.

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