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Doughnuts - Paczki

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Doughnuts - Paczki
Ingredients Needed For Doughnuts - Paczki
*1 c Sweet cream
*2 yeast cakes
*10 egg yolk
*1 ts salt
*5 tb butter
*4 c unbleached flour (all-purpose)
*2 oz rum
*6 tb Sugar

Directions To Prepare Doughnuts - Paczki
#Heat cream to luke warm. Add salt and egg yolks and beat till thick.
#cream butter and Sugar.
#Put these into large bowl, add yeast dissolved w/ 1 tablespoon Sugar and mix thoroughly.
#Add rum then flour and cream alternately and beat hard till dough blisters.
#Set in warm place to rise. punch down and let rise again.
#Place dough on floured surface and stretch and fill w/ pitted prunes.
#Fold over and cut into desired size balls.
#Place on floured surface and let rise.
#Fry in deep hot oil turning once.
#Paczki should be very dark in color before turning to ensure that they are thoroughly baked.
#Drain on soft absorbent paper. Sprinkle w/ powdered sugar.

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