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Chicken salad

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You can lower the fat content by varying the dairy products. Low fat creme Cheese or curd Cheese instead of the creme fraise.

Chicken salad

Ingredients Needed For Chicken salad
* 150 g skinless cold cooked Chicken
*100 g raw Mushroom
*100 g cold cooked asparagus


*2 tbsp Mayonnaise
*200 ml creme fraise
*½ tsp salt
*½-1 tsp sweet mustard
*½ tsp lemon juice

Directions To Prepare Chicken salad
Cut the cold Chicken into small dice. <BR>
Clean and slice the Mushroom. <BR>
Drain the asparagus if necessary.<BR>
Blend the Mayonnaise and the creme fraise and season with the lemon juice, salt and herbs. <BR>
Place the Chicken, Mushroom and asparagus in a bowl and fold the dressing in.<BR>
Serve for lunch with French bread, as a late night snack or as a starter on a bed of lettuce.
*Variation: The dressing can be seasoned with chopped parsley, tarragon or dill instead of the lemon juice. The dressing is also suitable for cold Haddock, Mushroom and sliced sellery.

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