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Fresh and tasty is the immediate impression you get when this salad is placed on the table - and so easy to make!!!. And why not make your own mustard vinaigrette to go with it.


Ingredients Needed For Piccalilli
* 300 g gherkin
*200 g shallots
*200 g Cauliflower
*150 g green tomatoes
*150 g garden Peas
*100 g carrots
*100 g green beans
*100 g wax beans
*15 g horse radish


*1 l vinegar
*400 g Sugar
*100 g white flour
*35 g mustard powder
*2 tsp curry powder
*½ tsp atamon powder

Directions To Prepare Piccalilli
The vegetables are cleaned and cut in small pieces. <BR>
You can parboil them in salty water to avoid hardness.<BR>
Boild the vegetables in the vinegar for 2 minutes. <BR>
Remove from vinegar. <BR>
Mix the flour with a little cold vinegar and add to vegetables with the Sugar and the herbs. <BR>
Boil the vinegar for 5 minutes and return the vegetables and bring to the boil. <BR>
Add the atamon.<BR>
Ladle into atamon washed glasses and seal.

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