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Fiskefilet med remoulade

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This wonderful Danish open sandwich is always the first your Danish guests will choose when coming for lunch. The crispy fillet of fish, on a dark and delicious slice of rye bread, decorated with the famous Danish remoulade sauce and lemon wedges is both beautiful and scrumptious.

Fiskefilet med remoulade

Ingredients Needed For Fiskefilet med remoulade
* 1 slices rye bread
*1-2 fillet of Plaice or Flounder
*salt and pepper
*1 egg
*50 g breadcrumb
*1 rbsp oil
*50 g butter

Directions To Prepare Fiskefilet med remoulade
Season the fish fillets with salt and pepper, and dip in the whipped up egg on both sides. <BR>
Then the fillets are covered with a thick layer of breadcrumb.<BR>
Fry the fish in the oil and butter, until golden brown and crispy.<BR>
Place the fish on the buttered rye bread and decorate with lemon wedges and sauce remoulade.<BR>
There is a recipe for home made remoulade sauce in our cookbook.

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