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Smørrebrød med leverpostej

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This is probably the best loved open sandwich in Denmark. Often open sandwiches are referred to as "smorgasbord", the Swedish word for open sandwiches.

Smørrebrød med leverpostej

Ingredients Needed For Smørrebrød med leverpostej
* ½ skive rye bread
*2 slices crispy Bacon
*½ slice liver paté
*1 slice Savoury Jelly
*3 slices of tomato
*1 tbsp grated horse radish
*½ tsp chopped parsley

Directions To Prepare Smørrebrød med leverpostej
Place the Bacon across the rye bread (a slice of toast can be used). <BR>
Spread the liver paté on top of the Bacon in a thick layer and the savoury jelly as a long strip.<BR>
Place the sliced tomatoes and the horse radish to one side on top of the paté and decorate with the parsley.

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