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This is fast to make and taste devine. The kids love it and it is a great beginner dish for them to make.


Ingredients Needed For Bananasplit
* 4 bananas
*100 g dark chocolate
*100 ml cream
*25 g almond flakes
*150 ml whipping cream
*½ l vanilla ice cream

Directions To Prepare Bananasplit
#Remove the peal from the bananas and split them lengthways.<BR>
#Put chocolate and cream in a pan and heat slowly while stirring. <BR>
#Toast the almond flakes carefully on a dry frying pan (they burn easily). <BR>
#Whip the whipping cream.<BR>
#Put on a plate with the ice cream in the middle, the two banana halves around it and with the melted chocolate and the almonds drizzled over.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018, 9:58 am

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