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This is a traditional Christmas dessert that is used in the days after Christmas. You can also fill small dessert bowls to give to the kids as a little extra.


Ingredients Needed For Risdessertrand
* 1 l milk
*1 vanilla pod
*125 g pudding rice
*6 tbsp Sugar
*zest of one orange
*50 g chopped almonds
*100 ml orange juice
*6 leaf gelatine
*400 ml cream


*cherry sauce

Directions To Prepare Risdessertrand
Bring rice and milk to the boil with the split vanilla pod. <BR>
Let simmer for 45 minutes. <BR>
Leave to cool and remove vanilla pod.<BR>
Mix the Sugar with the orange zest and the chopped almonds. <BR>
Place the gelatine in cold water for 5 minutes. <BR>
And then melt it over low heat. <BR>
Stir the Sugar mix and the gelatine into the rice.<BR>
Whip the cream to whipped cream and fold into the rice. <BR>
Place in ring mould and leave to stiffen.<BR>
Serve with cherry sauce.

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