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Chicken Kiev (chicken cutlet)

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Chicken Kiev (chicken cutlet)
Ingredients Needed For Chicken Kiev (chicken cutlet)
*160g of Chicken fillet (breast meat)
*80g of butter
*1 egg
*50g of ground crumbs
*300g of potatoes and 1 glass of green peas

Directions To Prepare Chicken Kiev (chicken cutlet)
*Remove the skin of the Chicken breast and cut two filet parts with bones out of it.
* Remove tendons and divide each of two pieces in two -- outer and inner.
* Chop each of the outer parts, and put a piece of butter in the middle of it.
* Wrap the outer part into the inner part and put together the edges.
*salt the cutlets and beat an egg into the plate.
*Put each cutlet into the egg, then into the ground cumbs, then again into the egg, and then again into the ground crumbs.
*Fry in oil for 3 or 4 minutes then put into the oven for couple of minutes.

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