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Popcorn snacks

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Ingredients Needed For Popcorn snacks
*3 cup Popped corn
*3 Cups = one serving.

Directions To Prepare Popcorn snacks
1 For a tv snack, or something to take to the show or the ball game that stays fresh and crisp, try seasoned popcorn.
2 Pop corn without fat using directions on popper and season to taste with any of the following: butter flavored salt taco seasoning garlic salt onion salt parmeson Cheese dried herbs hickory flavored salt (great outdoors) seasoned salt * to share with your feathered friends: string left-over popcorn and hang outside for a healthy treat for the birds.
3 It"s fun to watch them eat! in the bleak winter months the birds would love a bit of bacon fat rubbed on the left-over corn.
4 1 serving (3 cups) = 80 cal, 1 bread serving.
5 C = 15 p = 3°F = trace approved by the american diabetes assoc

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