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Szerb Bableves

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Szerb Bableves
Ingredients Needed For Szerb Bableves
* 1/2 lb Beans, white, dry
*3 lb Beef bones
*2 x carrots, peeled, sliced
*1 x Parsnips, peeled
*1 tbl salt
*1 x Little Dumplings (recipe)
*1 tbl lard
*1 sm onions
*2 tbl flour, all-purpose
*3 x garlic cloves, chopped, mashed
*1 tbl paprika, hot
*1 cup yogurt, plain
*1 tsp vinegar, white

Directions To Prepare Szerb Bableves
Soak Beans in 1 quart cold water the night before you plan to make soup.<br>
Next day, drain Beans and put aside.<br>
Put 2 quarts water in a large soup pot and in it cook bones and vegetables with salt over low heat for 2 hours.<br> Strain and save liquid.<br>
Put drained Beans into the reserved liquid; add enough water to bring the amount back to 2 quarts. <br>
Cook covered over low heat till Beans are done.<br>
Make little dumplings and put aside.<br>
Melt the lard in a frying pan. <br>
Wilt Onion in it, then mix in the flour and cook over very low heat till the mixture is light brown.<br>
Remove from heat and mix in mashed garlic and paprika. <br>
Whip in 1/2 cup cold water. <br>
Add to the almost ready bean soup and cook the soup over very low heat for at least 10 minutes longer.

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