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Posna Sarma

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Posna Sarma
Ingredients Needed For Posna Sarma
*1 cabbage
*4 or 5 onions, diced
*2 or 3 stalks celery
*1/3 cup oil
*1 green pepper, diced
*1/2 cup rice, cooked
*1 cup ground walnuts
*1-16 oz. can whole tomatoes

Directions To Prepare Posna Sarma
Serbian sarma is similar to Greek dolmas, though it's made with cabbage instead of grape leaves. The usual sarma is made with ground Pork and chuck, resulting in a rather disgusting combination of meat, oil and cabbage. We take it down a notch for lent, during which most days are spent fasting on a vegan diet. Hence: lenten (posna) sarma. This recepie sounds a bit odd, so one could use grape leaves instead to Greek it up.
Cut out the hard core of the cabbage; or, if using sweet cabbage, boil it and then separate each leaf. Heat oil in a skillet, then add onions, celery and pepper. Fry until soft. Add cooked rice, stir and fry the whole deal. Remove from heat, add salt and walnuts, mix well. Scoop approximately a tablespoon onto cabbage leaf and roll that baby up. Place the rolls in a large pot, adding tomatoes and enough water to cover them up. Cook over a slow boil (medium heat) for about an hour. Keep covered until it's time to eat.

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