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Milagu Vadai

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Milagu Vadai
Ingredients Needed For Milagu Vadai
*urad dal - 1 cup
*Whole pepper - 1 ½ tsp.
*asafoetida - a small piece
*salt to taste
*oil For deep-frying

Directions To Prepare Milagu Vadai
Clean the urad dal well and soak it in water for about 30 minutes. Take about two-tablespoons of whole urad dal and keep them aside. Grind the remaining dal to a smooth and firm paste by adding water little by little, whenever necessary. Add salt to the ground paste. Crush the whole pepper. Do not make them to a fine powder. Add the crushed pepper to the ground paste and mix all the ingredients thoroughly well. Next add the whole urad dal which was set aside to the paste and mix them all well. Heat oil in a kadai. Take a small clean plastic paper. Take small portions of this ground paste and place it on the plastic sheet. Flatten this with wet fingers till they become very thin. Take these out of the plastic sheet carefully and deep-fry them till it becomes golden brown and crisp.

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