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Ingredients Needed For Ajiaco
* Chicken Breast
*Garlic and Onion
*Chicken Stock
*12 small Yellow Potatoes, cut in halves
*2 ears corn, cut in halves
*8 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 5mm slices
*1 bunch Scallions
*1 bunch Cilantro
*8 T Guascas
*1 c Heavy Cream
*2 T capers, drained
*2 avocados, peeled, pitted and thinly sliced

Directions To Prepare Ajiaco
#The night before Marinate the Chicken breasts with garlic, Onion and salt.
#Put the breasts, add water, cover and cook until the Chicken is tender.
#Transfer the Chicken to a platter.
#Remove the skin from the Chicken and discard.
#Cut the Chicken breasts into strips.
#Cook the yellow potatoes in the casserole with the chicken stock until they start to disintegrate.
#Add the bunch of Scallions, the bunch of Cilantro, the sliced potatoes, the guascas, and the corn.
#When cooked remove the bunch of cilantro and the bunch of Scallions.
#Serve the Chicken on soup bowls and pour the soup into the bowls.
#Pour 3 T. of cream and 1 t. of chopped capers on each bowl.
#Float the sliced avocado on top.

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