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Savoury Pancakes

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Savoury Pancakes
Ingredients Needed For Savoury Pancakes
*milk - ½ cup
*water - ½ cup
*egg - 1 no.
*flour - 1 cup
*salt - 1 tsp
*oil - 1 dsp

For the filling:

*Cooked minced meat - 1 cup
*Chopped onions - ½ cup
*Grated Carrots - ½ cup
*salt and pepper
*oil as required

Directions To Prepare Savoury Pancakes
For the pancake:

Put the ingredients in the order mentioned in a mixie, and whip till smooth, for a minute. Keep aside for 15 minutes. Heat a non-stick pan, and spread a little of the mixture at a time, in thin rounds. Cook on low heat, and when one side is just done, turn and cook the other for a second or two. Fill with prepared mixture and fold over from both sides. Remove and keep aside. Repeat till all the batter and filling are used up.

For the filling:

Heat a little oil, sauté the onions and add cooked minced meat, salt and pepper and stir fry till well blended. Add the Grated Carrots and stir for a few minutes longer. Put a little of the filling in each pancake, sprinkle with grated Cheese and serve warm with tomato sauce.

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