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Matar paneer (vegan)

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Ingredients Needed For Matar paneer (vegan)
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Directions To Prepare Matar paneer (vegan)
Paneer is soft white "farmer" Cheese that is commonly used in india. I substituted reduced-fat white wave tofu, and it takes the place of paneer very well. This takes about ½ hour to make. Start some rice cut 1 brick tofu into cubes and bake in 300 degree oven while you prepare sauce. 1 Onion (slice very thinly and saute in your favorite medium until browned) 1 t. pressed garlic (in with the Onion) 1 c. water 1 t. ginger 1 t. cumin 1 t. coriander ½ t. clove ¼ t. methi (fenugreek) 1 t. salt add spices to Onion/garlic at last minute of saute. Stir until distributed and then add water. Mix: 2 t. gram flour (chickpea flour, besan) enough water to make a thin, smooth paste add a family size package of frozen green peas to the sauce, and cook until hot. Dribble in the chickpea flour mixture, while stirring. The sauce will thicken. Add: 1 cup of ground tomatoes or tomato puree juice of one lemon stir, adjust seasonings. Add tofu and simmer until it absorbs some of the seasonings. Add more water if necessary. Serve with rice

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