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Gluten-free shortbread

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Ingredients Needed For Gluten-free shortbread
* 1/2 cup cornstarch
* Sugar
* 175 grams butter
* 1/2 cup icing [confectioner's]
* 1 cup rice flour

Directions To Prepare Gluten-free shortbread
#Sift cornstarch, Sugar and rice flour together.
#Add butter. Mix with hands until soft dough forms.
#Refrigerate one hour. Shape dough into 2 ½ cm balls.
#Place about 3 cm apart on greased cookie sheet; flatten with lightly floured fork.
#Bake at 150 xc for 20-25 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. .sh "variations" Form balls as above.
#Roll in finely crushed corn flakes or crushed nuts.
#Press top of ball with thumb. Add a Dab of jelly.
#Mix in 2 tbls. finely chopped peel and/or 2 tbls. finely chopped nuts.
#Flatten with lightly floured fork.
#Difficulty : easy. Precision measure ingredients

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