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Fat-Free Shrimp Soup

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Ingredients Needed For Fat-Free Shrimp Soup
* 1 kg fresh meduim Shrimp
* 2 meduim fresh carrots
* 2 meduim spring onions
* 2 meduim potatoes
* 2 meduim leeks
* 1 meduim tomato
* 2 meduim zucchinni
* 3 tbsp fresh dill
* 3 tbsp fresh parsley
* 3 tbsp fresh celery
* 1 tbsp whole pepper
* 4 small dried chili peppers
* 2 tbsp tomato sauce

Directions To Prepare Fat-Free Shrimp Soup
#STOCK Clean the Shrimp and set aside.The celefus of the Shrimp will be used for the stock.
#Put in soup pot the celefus with 1 vegetable from ingerdents, plus pepper and chili and boil for 1 hour.
#Drain the stock in another pot.
#SOUP Once drained add the rest of the vegetables chopped to the stock and cook until the vegetables are cooked, add Shrimp and 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce to add creamy texture. Enjoy

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