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Black Mess Jello

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Ingredients Needed For Black Mess Jello
* 1 6 oz package has-ingredient::grape gelatin
* 2 cups purple has-ingredient::grape juice, chilled
* 1 cup has-ingredient::water
* 1 small has-ingredient::carrot
* 4 large has-ingredient::marshmallows
* 1 16-oz can unsweetened has-ingredient::pineapple tidbits
* 1 16-oz can has-ingredient::peach slices (lite recommended)
* 2 cups green seedless has-ingredient::grapes, washed
* has-ingredient::ice cubes

Directions To Prepare Black Mess Jello
#Put pineapple and peach slices in a colander to drain (save the juice for another use). Dissolve gelatin in 1 cup of boiling water. When completely dissolved, add 2 cups chilled grape juice and 1 cup of ice cubes (loosely packed; this will be less than 1 cup of water due to spaces in between the cubes). Stir until the ice cubes dissolve.
#Shred the carrot finely (don't grate it), and add to the gelatin.
#Snip the marshmallows into small pieces and add.
#Cut peach slices into small cubes. If it's not Halloween and you don't need "eyeballs", cut each grape in half. Add fruits to gelatin. Chill.
#Stir once or twice as it thickens to be sure fruit and carrot is evenly distributed. If you use a ring mold, you can put more grapes or other fruit in the middle to serve.

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