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Tahitian Pork Curry with Taro

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Nothing like the taste of homegrown suckling pig that has self marinaded on the fruit from your own garden. Polynesian Pork is in my opinion the best Pork anywhere in the world. Category:Curry Recipes

Ingredients Needed For Tahitian Pork Curry with Taro
* 1 kg taro root (Tarua)
* 1 1/2 kg Pork loin
* 6 teaspoons curry
* 6 teaspoons paprika
* 1 Onion
* 2 cloves garlic
* 2 teaspoons flour
* 2 teaspoons cooking oil
* 200 ml coconut milk
*salt, to taste
* pepper, to taste

Directions To Prepare Tahitian Pork Curry with Taro
* Get all the ingredients and tools ready.
* Wash and peel the taro, cut into cubes and blanch 10 minutes in salted water.
* Drain and put aside.
* Peel and chop the Onion and the garlic.
* Cut the meat into cubes.
* Sear the meat in a heavy Dutch oven, add the Onion, paprika and curry, singe with the flour.
* Add salt and pepper.
* Put water, add garlic and the taro.
* Cook for 40 minutes stirring regularly.
* Check seasonings, bind with the coconut milk and serve hot.

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