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Salami Snacks

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This silly little recipe came from my husbands family. They would munch on these over late night cocktails. Don't judge 'em 'til you've tried 'em. Everyone says "ewww" when they first read the list of ingredients, even me! But, they are addictive.

Ingredients Needed For Salami Snacks
* 12 slices dry italian salami, thin
* Peanut butter (we prefer chunky)
* sweet gherkins or sour gherkins

Directions To Prepare Salami Snacks
* Spread Peanut butter on each slice of salami.
* Place a gerkin in the center of salami on top of Peanut butter.
* Fold salami to inclose gerkin.
* Secure with toothpicks and place on serving plate.
* Eat!

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Sunday, February 25, 2018, 5:26 pm

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