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Ingredients Needed For Tira-gostos
*1 pound salt Cod
*2 cups of mashed potatoes
*2 tbsps of finely chopped parsley
*2 large eggs
*oil for frying

Directions To Prepare Tira-gostos
*Soak salt Cod overnight and during the morning, changing water three times.
* Drain, remove skin and any bones and cut in small chunks.
* Simmer a small Onion, thinly sliced, with a bay leaf and 4 peppercorns in 2 cups of water.
*After 5 minutes, add the Cod and 2 cups of water.
* When it simmers, cover the pan and remove from heat, so the Cod doesn't toughen.

To form the bolinhos:

*Drain the fish and flake it well into a bowl.
* Add 2 cups of mashed potatoes; beat two eggs with a pinch of salt and add them to the fish and potatoes.
* Add the parsley , salt and freshly grated pepper to taste.
*Wait about 1/2 hour to form the balls.
* Use good, fresh oil for frying (set deep-fryer temperature at 375°).
* Dry in paper towels.
*Serve with a good batida and some very cold beer!

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