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Chou chou koot

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Ingredients Needed For Chou chou koot
* 2 med chayote Squash
* 1/2 cup Shredded coconut
* 2 Green chillies, crushed
* turmeric, to taste
* salt, to taste
* mustard
* 1 Red chilli
* urad dal
* oil, (seasoning)
* curry leaves, (seasoning)

Directions To Prepare Chou chou koot
1 Peel skin of Squash.

2 Cube.

3 Cook with a little water, turmeric and salt.

4 When done yet firm, add coconut and green chilli mix.

5 Pour seasoning on top.

6 If there"s more liquid it becomes kootu, if moist but not liquidy then poduthual.

7 Variations: can do plaintanos (raw, green or, if not there, very, very green chiquita bananas) for a vazhakai poduthual/thoran.

8 Also can do red pumpkin/butternut squash similarly.

9 An excellent and quick ckakka thoran is also possible.

10 A thai canned product is green jackfruit, already cooked.

11 Just shred this by hand, prepare seasoning in 5-6 tablespoons oil and toss crushed coconut and green chillies in. salt.

12 Stir well and remove when thoroughly heated through and still moist.

13 This dish needs a fair amount of coconut, and the fresh one is preferred.

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