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Frozen Strawberry Souffle

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Ingredients Needed For Frozen Strawberry Souffle
* 1 lbs has-ingredient::powdered sugar (confectioner's)
* 8 has-ingredient::egg whites
* 1 1/2 lbs has-ingredient::whipping cream
* 2 lbs fresh has-ingredient::strawberries
* 1/3 cup has-ingredient::water
* silicon or wax paper

Directions To Prepare Frozen Strawberry Souffle
#Wash and clean the strawberries. <BR>
#Transfer to a blender or food processor, then blend to make a fine strawberry puree.<BR>
#In a saucepan, dissolve powdered sugar in water. <BR>
#Bring to a quick boil, then cook over low heat for about 1 minute. <BR>
#Let it cool.<BR>
#In a large bowl, use an electric mixer to beat the eggwhites until snowy and stiff. <BR>
#Carefully fold into the Sugar mixture. <BR>
#Mix well.<BR>
#In another large bowl, use the electric mixer to whip the cream until thick. <BR>
#Fold into the sugar-eggwhite mixture. <BR>
#Fold in the strawberry puree and mix well.<BR>
#Grease the sides of souffle dishes with some butter.<BR>
#Now, wrap a silicon paper around the upper part of the dish (or cup) and secure it with a tape. <BR>
#This is to allow the souffle to go over the dish. (for an authentic souffle effect!)<BR>
#Pour the strawberry souffle mixture into the souffle dishes, filling it up until it reaches the top of the paper.<BR>
#(for a better idea, observe the shape of the souffle in the picture) freeze overnight.<BR>
#To serve, remove the silicon paper, then remove from the mold. <BR>
#Arrange on dessert plates and garnish with strawberries (optional).<BR>

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