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Fabada Asturiana - Asturian stew

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Fabada is known as “Asturian stew” and is heavy, full of calories and delicious. Serves 6.

Fabada Asturiana - Asturian stew

Ingredients Needed For Fabada Asturiana - Asturian stew
*2 ? lbs dry (not canned) butter Beans
*4 medium sized “Chorizos” (Spanish Pork sausages available at gourmet shops, delis and some supermarkets)
*4 smoked “Morcilla” blood sausages
*1 lb shoulder of Pork
*6 slices of Serrano Ham on the bone
*1 Onion, finely chopped
*5 cloves garlic

Directions To Prepare Fabada Asturiana - Asturian stew
Soak the Beans overnight in cold water (important they are soaked at least 10 hours). When Beans are ready, soak the meats in warm water. In a separate large pot, add the Beans garlic and Onion and add water to cover the ingredients. Bring to a boil, then throw away the top layer that rises to the surface. Add all the other ingredients, and water to cover, place on very low heat, and slow cook for 2 ? - 3 hours. While cooking, gently shake the pot by the handles (never stirring, which breaks the Beans) about every 20 minutes. Add water throughout the cooking time s necessary, making sure the liquid always covers the ingredients. When cooked fully, add salt to taste and let cool for 10 minutes. Take out the meats and cut into small pieces, serving the meat separately from the stew

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