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Farfel and egg salad --pareve or meat-

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Ingredients Needed For Farfel and egg salad --pareve or meat-
*3/4 cup Matzo farfel
*3/4 cup Hot chicken stock
*4 each Lge. hard-cooked eggs
*2 tbsp Seasoned olive oil
*1/4 lbs Fresh white Mushrooms, mince
*1/2 cup Ea. minced Onion & bell pep.
*2 tsp Spice mix
*1 each Med. Golden del. Apple, Peeled, cored, minced.
*1 tsp Honey
*2 tbsp Corriander or dill or Little of each.
*1/4 tsp salt
* Freshly grnd. black pepper

Directions To Prepare Farfel and egg salad --pareve or meat-
Put farfel in sm.<BR>
Add stock and stir.<BR>
Let stand until completely cooled.<BR>
Place eggs in med. bowl and mash.<BR>
Stir in softened farfel.<BR>
Heat oil in nonstick skillet.<BR>
Add Mushroom, Onion and pepper.<BR>
Sprinkle with spice mix and saute over med. heat until mixture starts to soften (3 min).<BR>
Stir in half the Apple; saute for 1 min. add to the bowl along with remaining Apple.<BR>
Drizzle honey over salad, then combine with mixture.<BR>
Add herbs, salt and pepper an combine.<BR>
Serve at room temp.<BR>
Yield: 2 ½ c.; 5 appetizer servings; 8 to 10 servings as spread.

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