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About Recipe Seeker

Recipe Seeker.Com is a social cooking network that allows you to find new recipes from around the world from this site or one of the internet's most popular social networks like Myspace and Facebook. You can seemlessly integrate Recipe Seeker into your profiles and homepages on those networks. When you add a recipe to your cookbook or create a new recipe, the information is automatically updated on your social network accounts.

Recipe Seeker on Facebook

You can use Facebook Connect to log in or register to Recipe Seeker.Com using your Facebook account. You can also post items to your newsfeed and see what recipes your friends have been browsing. You can also use the Recipe Seeker Facebook Application while on Facebook and enjoy all the great features of Recipe Seeker without leaving Facebook. You can also display your cookbook as a tab or a profile badge.

Recipe Seeker on Myspace

Recipe Seeker is also available as a Myspace Application. Display your cookbook on your profile, and get suggested recipes right on your home page. Just like the Facebook Application all the great Recipe Seeker features are present, just available on Myspace.

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