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Cholesterol Diet

Many people today suffer because of their high cholesterol. There are specialists who have been working along the years in order to find a solution for this problem. Their answer has been the low cholesterol diet. If the cholesterol is too high, any doctor will prescribe this kind of diet. It is based on low saturated fat products and it reduces the cholesterol in the patient’s blood, thus reducing the chances of heart disease. The most popular worldwide cholesterol diet is the Therapeutic Lifestyle Diet also known as the TLC. This diet can be kept by anyone, not only by those who already deal with cholesterol problems. It is a very healthy diet and it helps everyone to lead a strong healthy life. On the other hand, those who have their LDL level too high have to take this diet very seriously. <P>In the following lines we are going to offer you a few hints on what the TLC cholesterol diet advises you to eat. Of course, this diet is also based on low saturated fat and low cholesterol products. It is very important that the total calories provided by saturated fat in a day should not be more that 7%. Another thing would be that you are not supposed to consume more than 25-35% calories from fat during one day. The limit of cholesterol a day is of about 200 milligrams and that of sodium is of 2400 milligrams. The last important thing to be mentioned in this cholesterol diet is that anyone starting to keep a diet should consult with their doctor. This way they will know which would be the most appropriate amount of calories that each person should eat per day so that they can achieve or maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

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