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Brazilian Desserts

In the Brazilian cuisine, a lot of interesting desserts and sweets are being prepared in a specific and rather interesting way. For instance, avocado is sweetened and used as part of the dessert dishes, as creme de abacate ( cream), unlike any other countries, that would rather use it salted for sauces. Meringue is another delicious Brazilian dessert, usually made with and a lot of . and solid sweets are very popular in the Brazilian cuisine and are preferred not only by children, but by grown-ups as well. Among them, biscoitos de maizena (Cornstarch cookies) are the most delicious ones and have a typical flavor. Other desserts include , cakes, and exotic fruits such as , , , , and , mixed in that are served with and whipped cream, or used for that can be served as dessert in many fancy restaurants. Here are some Brazilian desserts to try: * * * *

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