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Poppy Seeds

==About Poppy seeds== Wikipedia Article A poppy is an annual, biennial, or perennial plant of the Family Papaveraceae, typically with showy flowers borne one per stem, native mainly to the Northern Hemisphere and often grown for ornament, opium or food. 15–100 cm high, it yields a milky sap (latex) and bears large lobed or divided leaves and white, pink, orange, or red flowers, sometimes with a dark centre, with 4–6 petals around a whorl of stamens. The fruit is a capsule with pores through which the seeds are dispersed. Genera in this family include: * Meconopsis (Himalayan poppy, Welsh poppy and relatives) * Papaver (Iceland poppy, Oriental poppy, Opium poppy, corn poppy and about 120 other species) * Romneya (Matilija poppy and relatives) * Eschscholzia (California poppy and relatives) ==== ==== ====== ==== ==== ==== ==== * ====== ==== '''Add a Poppy seeds Recipe to Cookbookwiki:''' <verbatim>createpageform-Poppyseeds</verbatim> * * * * ====Poppy seeds Related Recipes==== *

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